Ages 6-14    |    June 1st - August 8th    |    80 Barton Ave.

Summer Camp 2020

6 Weeks, 6 Unique Themes

Extended Hours

Inclusive Safe Environment

Outdoor Activities

Weekly Guests

YogA, swimming

Popcorn Parites


We commit to providing a positive and safe environment for your children.  Social distancing will be enforced and hand washing stations will be added both inside and out. Children will also receive their own tool kit that will be sanitized every night and something they can take home at the end of camp. Extra measures will be implemented to be sure surfaces and studio has been fully sanitized each night. If you have any concerns at all please fee free to reach out by calling the studio or emailing. 

our eco promise

We will be mixing and making our own colours with liquid clay and pigments from the earth. All materials are totally natural and washable.  

Week 1

jUNE 29 - jULY 3


With a focus on our solar system, we will bee studying the planets and will create them out of paper clay that is light and fun to make!


jULY 6 - JULY 11

Endangered Species

The children will be choosing an animal they want to protect from extinction.  We will research and learn about their habitat, study their behaviours and explore where they live. Each child will get to create their own clay sculpture to bring home.

Week 3

jULY 13 - jULY 17

Hieroglyphs & Canopic Jars

An exciting week going back in time! We'll learn how to
write our name in the ancient language of Hieroglyphics. We'll cotinue our journey through time and use clay to sculpt and design our own Canopic Jar (pottery commonly used by ancient Egyptians.)


jULY 20 - jULY 25

Rainforest & Yanomami Culture

Let’s go deep into the Rainforest and learn about the different types of wildlife, conditions and locations. We’ll look into ways we can help protect the environment around us and our Rainforest's. We’ll also head deep into the Amazon and learn about Yanaomani, a rich culture touched by the effects of climate change. Our activity will focus on making animals, plants, and fruits out of clay and we will make the rain forest background in papier-mâché.

week 5

July 27 - JULY 31

Mosaic & Gaudí

We are diving deep into the work, technique and style of artist Antoni Gaudi. We will be creating our own design and making the tiles out of clay.  The design process will involve cutting out the intricate pieces of glass (tiles-mosaic) to decorate our ceramic tiles with all the colourful and fun pieces.

week 6

Aug 2 - Aug 6

Majolica Technique 

Working with the beautiful terracotta clay we will be decorating our creations with colourful glazes using the Majolica technique. These pieces were given as gifts and reflected an air of affluence. Designs are created in fine lines and detailed artistry.  



Our experienced instructors will help your children explore and develop their creativity in our full day pottery summer camp. Children have the opportunity to choose the projects they create, and explore the entire creation process from hand building to throwing (spinning) on a pottery wheel to glazing (painting) their pottery.









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